New Website!

I am so excited to finally have a website up and running!  Like in most new endeavors, there is quite a learning curve, but I think I am getting the hang of it!

I chose SquareSpace as my webpage editor; I liked their professional looking templates, the interface seemed easy enough (!) The template I chose is Montauk - fitting as I have a couple Montauk Daisy bushes growing here in coastal CT!

I will have to close down my Wordpress Blog ... so to all six of you who followed me there, I will make sure you are updated.  Kind of psyched to have everything all in one place...although I can't link my One Bobbin Facebook Fan Page to this website without upgrading my subscription - I'll see if there is a work-around.

All for now ... I have to work on the fact that I currently have two welcome pages!  Back to creating the website!

Stay tuned for updates on my quilt projects!