Recognition is Uplifting!


I am just back from the Sacred Threads exhibit in Herndon Virginia where Determination was part of the show.

  What a great show and tremendous production!  I was in awe of every quilt I saw, the bar has been raised!

I took part in Go Tell It at the Quilt Show - a very cool effort to have video documentation of quilts and quilt-makers.  One quilt, one person, one video camera and three minutes to tell the story.

One take was all you got!  I must have talked fast, because I was quicker than three minutes! 

During a session called Not Fade Away, some of the videos were played, and mine was one of them, evidently.  It caught notice of Luana Rubin, who wrote this in her blog on equilter:

It is a terrific uplift to my spirit and a motivator for me to keep making quilts that matter. Thank you, Luana, for recognizing Determination.